Garage Conversions


ADU Ventura County Specialists can transform your garage into a fully functioning accessory dwelling unit (ADU). We offer design and construction services for clients in Ventura County CA. Our team has years of experience converting the area above garages into beautiful apartments. We can also convert your entire garage into living space as well if you are looking for something larger. We have helped families add additional living space and rental space to their homes. We also have pre-designed plans for your garage conversion as well. If you are interested in adding an ADU to your garage, feel free to email or call us today.

Benefits of a Garage ADU

There are many benefits to adding a garage ADU to your home. Adding an apartment above or in your garage could generate rental income. An apartment will provide an additional form of income that you can rely on each month. An ADU is also great for families that are looking to care for their parents or family members. You can keep your family close and care for them. An ADU will also increase the value of your home. Adding functional living space to your property will dramatically improve your home’s value. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of an ADU, feel free to email or call us today.

Above Garage Conversions

An above garage ADU conversion is the perfect option for many homeowners. This usually involves homes that have a detached garage. The attic area of the garage is converted into a fully functioning living space. Depending on the size of your garage, your new home will have all the features of a normal size home. Our team are experts at designing ADUs that fully take advantage of the available space. Our construction team will provide a fast build that will have you utilizing your ADU in no time.

Garage Conversions

Do you have a garage that you no longer use? We can convert the entire garage into an ADU. This is great for the family that wants to build a larger accessory dwelling unit. We can build large living areas out your garage. Our design team will work closely with you to ensure your new ADU meets your needs and budget. A garage ADU can be used as a rental property to generate a reliable source of income. We also offer pre-designed plans for our garage ADU conversions. You’ll save money on design costs and still receive a superior product.

Pre-Designed Garage Plans

ADU Ventura County Specialists also offer pre-designed ADU plans for garage conversions. We have many different options for pre-designed plans. You can save money by choosing a pre-designed plan. There won’t be any design costs for your new ADU. Our pre-designed plans have been created by some of the top architects in the industry. We do provide options with our pre-designed plans so you can customize the final ADU with your personal touches. Feel free to email or call us today if you are interested in a pre-designed garage plan.

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