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Expert ADU Solutions for Ventura County

At ADU Ventura County Specialists, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality, personalized service, and efficient project execution.


We offer free consultations to discuss your needs and vision. Our experts will provide you with initial guidance and answer any questions you have.


After understanding your requirements, we will provide you with a detailed budget estimate for your project.


Once the budget is approved, we move forward with the production phase, ensuring every detail is executed perfectly.

inspection on an accessory dwelling project in Thousand Oaks, Ca
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What we offer

Professional, reliable, and high-quality ADU construction services tailored to your needs.

ADU blueprint with caliper and pencil


Any construction will begin with a planning phase. Here we will discuss what type of ADU you want to build. We will discuss ADU requirements and come up with a plan that meets your local and state regulations.

working a new design for a ADU


During planning we will come up with a design for your ADU. Your design will be based on local zoning regulations, type of ADU and your ideas.

framing a new house


Once planning and design are complete, we can begin construction. Building an external ADU is like building a new home. Our team will lay a foundation and build a brand new structure on your property.

installing the fire wall

Fire Resistant Rebuilds

Unfortunately, no home can be totally fireproof, but there are steps you can take to provide some added protection to your property. ADU Ventura County Specialists offers fire resistant rebuilds to homes in Ventura County.

finishing drywall installation on a garage conversion

Garage Conversions

Do you have extra space in your garage that could be transformed into living space? ADU Ventura County Specialists offers garage conversion services. We can transform your entire garage into a livable apartment today.

model home on top of blueprints

Pre-Designed Plans

Are you interested in adding an ADU to your property but aren’t sure where to start? A pre-designed plan could be an option. We have many pre-designed ADU plans for you to choose from.


What customer say about Our services

Building your visions. Creating reality.

We provide a wide range of options for homeowners looking to add extra living space to their property. Our solutions are designed to enhance your home’s functionality and value, offering tailored designs and construction services to meet your specific needs.

Completed and furnished ADU project