Your accessory dwelling unit (ADU) construction will begin with planning and design. We have an expert team of architects that will design the perfect ADU for your property. We will work with your ideas, needs and budget to create an ADU that is beautiful and functional. Our team can create external ADUs like cottages, pool house or carriage houses. We can also design an ADU that works with your existing structures. Choose from garage ADUs, basement apartments and more. Our designers have years of experience providing designs that our clients love. We also offer pre-planned ADUs. There are many plans available to choose from and you can save money on design costs.

ADU Design Service

ADU Ventura County Specialists has a team of experienced and trained architects available to design your ADU. We us the latest architect software to create your design. You’ll be able to visual your new dwelling before we begin construction. Your design begins with a planning phase where we can address your needs and wants for your new ADU. Do you want to create an ADU from an existing structure or do you want a new structure to be added to your property? Let us guide your through the design process today. Feel free to call or email us to learn more about ADU design.

External ADU Design

Designing an external ADU is like designing a house. External ADUs are detached from your main home. We can design small or larger external ADUs to meet your needs and budget. Our design team has years of experience helping families design the dream ADU. We can create carriage houses, cottages and more ono your property. External ADUs are perfect for families looking to generate rental income or add living space for family members. We have many different design styles and options to choose from as well. Your new ADU will look amazing and compliment your current home.

Internal ADU Design

Internal ADU design is like remodeling design. We will take a portion of your current home and convert it into a fully livable space. We are experts at garage and basement conversions. Do you have extra living space in your home? We can convert that also. Turn your unused bedrooms into an apartment and generate a rental income from your property. We offer countless design options for our internal ADUs. Feel free to email or call our customer service team at the phone number below for more information.

Pre-Designed Plans

ADU Ventura County Specialists also offers pre-planned designed ADUs. A pre-designed plan is great for the homeowner who would like to cut down on design costs. We have many designs for internal and external ADUs that will meet your needs and budget. Our team can help you choose the perfect design before construction. We offer countless options for our designs as well. Our pre-designed ADUs will be built by the best contractors in the business. If you would like to lean more about our pre-designed plans feel free to call us today.

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